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Isaiah's Servant Songs - Bible Study Guide

“Isaiah’s Servant Songs – 4 Studies

This study guide will take you into the four sections of God’s Word through the prophet Isaiah that are known as the “Servant Songs.” These four songs speak of the Servant of the Lord, who will lead and rescue God’s people, suffering for their rebellion in the process. Ultimately these songs can only be true of Jesus.

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Sample Questions:

Isaiah 42:1 – 7
A Friend of Bruised Reeds

1.      Can you think of something for which you have waited a very long time? What was the outcome?
Did you ever get it?
How good were you at waiting?!

2.     Think of someone you know who is not a Christian but interested in the person of Jesus (it might be you!). What aspect of the person, work or character of Jesus is most appealing to them?

3.     What do you know of the situation facing God’s people in the 8th Century BC?What has happened in the centuries prior?What is about to take place?

If you have access to an ESV or NIV study Bible read the introduction to Isaiah or read the Isaiah articles in the New Bible Dictionary. Make a note of any details that seem especially important.

Read Isaiah 42:1 – 7

4.     This is the first of four “servant songs” in the book of Isaiah. Describe the person and work of the servant pictured here.

5.     Make note of all the things we learn about the servant’s relationship to God.

6.     What meaning is intended by the two word pictures in verse 3?
Write a modern equivalent of these expressions.

7.     What encouragement is contained in this song that God is able to bring about what he promises?

8.     In what ways could the servant in Isaiah 42 be described as the true Israel?

9.     What do we learn about people through the words of this song?

Read Matthew 12:1 – 21

10.   Matthew tells us that Jesus fulfils the promise of the servant in Isaiah 42. What then does Isaiah 42 tell us Jesus’ ministry will be like?

11.    In what particular episodes of Jesus’ ministry do you see the fulfilment of the Isaiah 42 promises?

12.   In what ways does God the Father shows his approval of Jesus?

13.   How does what we learnt about the servant’s relationship to God help us understand Jesus’ relationship with his heavenly Father?

Read Acts 13:43 – 48

14.   In this section part of the work of the servant is extended to become the work of all Christians. In what specific ways, then, does Isaiah 42 shape your life and ministry?

15.   How do you feel knowing that this work of God’s servant has been entrusted to you?

16.   Which of the works of the servant are clearly only the ministry of Jesus and not of his followers?

17.   What aspect of Jesus’ character or ministry do you find the most comforting?

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