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Role Descriptions for Volunteer Leaders

Having clearly communicated expectations is an important part of looking after those who serve in leadership in our churches. It’s unkind to ask people to serve in leadership without clarity about what you’re asking them to do, what others are responsible for, and how they will be supported in their ministry. Lack of clarity leads to confusion, conflict, and frustration!

These documents were written for volunteer leaders at Trinity Church Mount Barker in 2019. Your documents will look different according to your context, whether leaders are paid or volunteers,  and depending on the the shape of your ministries, etc.

Area Leader Role Descriptions:
Area Leader – Bible Study Groups 
Area Leader – Music   
Area Leader – Welcoming
Area Leader – Youth    

Team Leader & Team Member Role Descriptions:
Bible Study Group Leader  
Team Leader – Creche   
Team Member – Youth
Team Member – Welcoming

Role descriptions for 5M Purpose Leaders are also available to download.

Thanks to MBM Rooty Hill, Sydney, Australia, who provided documents upon which these role descriptions were originally based.

Bible Study Group Leaders Role Description