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2 Peter - A Certain Faith

“A Certain Faith” – 3 studies in 2 Peter

Sample Questions:

2 Peter 2  –  On Guard!

1.   When do you feel the most free?

2.  When have you encountered a false message about Jesus or Christianity?
At what points did that message diverge from the truth?

Read 2 Peter 2:1  – 22

3.    Why does Peter go back into Israel’s history to speak about the false teachers in the nation’s past?

4.   If the condemnation and destruction (v 3) facing those who teach falsehood is so certain, why do so many people follow them?

5.   What seems to be the pattern of the false teachers in spreading their message?

6.   Does the delay in God’s judging of sin and falsehood suggest that God is unkind or uncaring towards those who might be led astray?

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