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5Ms Leadership Role Descriptions

One really helpful way for us to care for those who serve in leadership among the Body of Christ, is to have clear expectations and understanding of role boundaries, requirements, and how support will be provided.  It’s unkind to ask people to serve in leadership without clarity about what you’re asking them to do, what others are responsible for, and how they will be supported in their ministry! And lack of clarity will lead to confusion, conflict, and frustration.

These role descriptions aim to provide clarity for those serving as leaders in a 5Ms ministry model.

If your church operates with a Purpose Driven model for ministry (5Ms, or something else) these role descriptions may give you a starting point for recruiting and caring for purpose leaders.  These documents were written for volunteer leaders at Trinity Church Mount Barker in 2019. Your documents will look different according to your context, whether leaders are paid or volunteers, trained or lay, etc, etc.

These role descriptions are based on documents from MBM Rooty Hill, Sydney, Australia, which were generously made available by their team. 

Download the Role Descriptions here:
Magnification M Leader  |  Mission M Leader Membership M Leader  |
Maturity M Leader  |  Ministry M Leader