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Acts 1 - 8 - "What Kind of Church"

“What Kind of Church?”
8 Studies in Acts 1 – 8

The early chapters of Acts capture the life of the church in its infancy. In its first days, weeks, months and years, the Church of Christ takes its first steps in being Christ’s witnesses “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). 

As God’s people learn what obedience to the Great Commission looks like, they also must deal with appointing leaders, facing opposition, overcoming division, and learning what it means for Gentiles to come to Christ alongside Jews.

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Sample questions from this study guide:

Acts 1   Committed to Witness

  1. Have you ever had to provide eye-witness testimony about some event?
  2. Who first told you about Jesus?
    What aspects of his life and ministry did they explain?
  3. How are you at passing on a message to someone else? Are you likely to remember all the salient details?
    Do you tend to leave bits out?

Read Acts 1:1 – 11

  1. Make a note of what stands out for you as you read this chapter; themes, repeated words, key ideas, etc.

Read Luke 1:1 – 4

  1. What seems to be Luke’s purpose in writing his second volume, the book of Acts?
  2. Why is the Holy Spirit essential for the work with which the disciples are being entrusted?
  3. What is the task Jesus gives the disciples?
  4. Acts 1:8 is often called the “programmatic” verse of the book, it lays out the program for what follows. If you didn’t (or don’t!) know any of the rest of the book, how might you expect 1:8 to be accomplished?
  5. How is Jesus’ promised return an encouragement for the mission he gives his disciples?

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