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Effective Planning & Review Meetings

Effective Planning and Review Meetings

Effective Planning & Review Meetings Download PDF Gospel ministry often involves lots of meetings! In fact, it can seem like meetings take up a disproportionate amount of time for church staff and leaders, and others involved in gospel work.  Though know planning and canvassing ideas is an important part of being good stewards of the resources at our disposal – we don’t want to be wasteful because we haven’t thought enough about likely outcomes. It’s also part of being good shepherds of those in our care – it’s unkind not to consider the challenges and responses likely to be faced by those we lead and involve in ministry.Similarly, reviewing our ministry tasks – reflecting on how we’ve used our time and money and how we’ve asked people to labour alongside us – is part of seeking to be fruitful and effective for the gospel.If you lead a team, whether that…

The Resurrection – 1 Corinthians 15 – High School Short Studies

Resurrection devotions

The Resurrection – 1 Corinthians 15 – Devotions for High School Students Download the Series These short studies on the resurrection for high school students are based on 1 Corinthians 15.  They were orginally written for students to do on their own once a week during COVID-19 Lockdown when school Christian Unions were not able to meet. Over 6 sessions students are able to consider the wonderful implications of Jesus’ resurrection for all believers.  The first in the series can be previewed below. Click on the button on the left to download all 5 studies as a ZIP file. You can also download the 5-week “I Am” series of short devotions here. Your browser does not seem to support iframes. Click here to read this PDF.

“I Am” High School Short Studies

I am devotions

“I Am” – Devotions for High School Students Download the Series These short studies in five of the “I Am” sayings of Jesus are written for high school students. They were orginally written for students to do on their own once a week during COVID-19 Lockdown when school Christian Unions were not able to meet. The “I Am” sayings reveal key aspects of Jesus identity and help us understand the wonder of the Word who became flesh.The first in the series can be previewed below. click on the button on the left to download all 5 studies as a ZIP file.You can also download the 6-week series of short devotions on the resurrection here. Your browser does not seem to support iframes. Click here to read this PDF.

Stages of Group Life

Stages of small group life

Stages of Small Group Life Download PDF If you’ve been a member of a small group in a church for any length of time – a Bible study group, a staff team, a project group, or any other type of group – you’ll have noticed that groups change!Why do groups change so much?Is the change bad? Is it better to stay the same?What leads to change? What hinders it?The stages of group life described here are based on the group development model of Bruce Tuckman. Tuckman was a researcher in educational psychology who first published his work in a well-known 1965 article in Psychological Bulletin, “Developmental Sequence in Small Groups.” He re-visited the topic in a subsequent publication in 1977 and his stages have been the focus of much discussion and research since!Small groups in churches involve many of the same interpersonal transitions as groups in other contexts;  Group members…

Join Dundonald Church as a Ministry Trainee in 2021

We’re inviting applications for Ministry Trainees to join us in September 2021! As a growing and an increasingly diverse, all-age church family with four congregations on a Sunday, the church I serve, Dundonald Church, Raynes Park is a busy church! At Dundonald you’ll find everyone from babies to the elderly, students to retirees, those caring for others, and those working in the city, and everyone else in between!Our mission “We witness to grow disciples” summarises our conviction that the good news of Jesus changes hearts and lives as we hear and proclaim God’s Word. In 2021 we will be moving into a purpose-built facility which we pray will enable gospel ministry in new and exciting ways for generations to come.To find out more, and to learn how to apply, head to today!

Managing Ministry Staff

Managing Ministry Staff Download PDF In team ministry contexts, more and more staff are finding themselves line-managing other ministry staff.  These may be ministry apprentices, or junior staff, or other senior team members.Managing staff isn’t something we’re typically trained for in our ministry training! And while some gospel workers will have experience from previous employment, it’s a challenge for many to work out what this kind of management looks like in a gospel ministry context.While the discipleship and mentoring of ministry staff are important issues, the purpose of this document is to outline some helpful aspects of the management relationship; how gospel workers lead other staff in order to work together towards agreed gospel outcomes.  Of course, because we are members together of the body of Christ (Ephesians 3:6), the discipleship and service aspects are never absent from the way we seek to manage others in ministry!Some gospel workers will…

God of the Nations and the Lowly – Psalm 138


God of the Nations and the Lowly – Psalm 138 The God of the vast harvest fields, is also the gardener who tends to the individual branches on his vine.We have been working our way through the book of Acts in our weekly Bible study with the Dundonald staff and Co-Mission Resources Team.  Among the many encouragements I’ve received through Acts, is the repeated reminder that the God of the rapid spread of the gospel is also the God of the inward change in the lives of individuals; God calls many thousands to himself in a single day, and also arranges an intersection between one enquirer and a potential evangelist on a desert road.  Cities are turned upside down (right side up?!) by the good news of Jesus, while stories of one household coming to faith are also celebrated.  The God of the vast harvest fields, is also the gardener…

Praying to Our God who Hears and Acts – Psalm 86


Praying to Our God Who Hears and Acts – Psalm 86 Our God hears and acts!There are many Psalms in the Bible in which the author tells his fellow Israelites, or even the nations around, about God, and his character and actions.  Think of Psalm 18 as one example, “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge” (18:2).  Then there are some Psalms in which the Psalmist speaks to God about God.  Psalm 86 is one of the clearest examples of this kindThrough David’s words in this Psalm, we are reminded much about the character of God, but perhaps most especially that God hears and answers when we call to him.We don’t know the detail of the distress that Israel’s King David finds himself in as he writes this Psalm, but verse 14 suggests there is a very…

Let’s Worship our Glorious God – A Prayer from Psalm 97


Let’s Worship Our Glorious God – A Prayer from Psalm 97 How Psalm 97 spurs us on in worship.Sometimes it’s hard to worship God or to rejoice at who he is and what he’s done for us.  It might be because of our personal circumstances; perhaps we don’t feel like worshipping God if we’re struggling, sad, or busy and tired. Maybe we hurt because of the hardships that others dear to us face, and so to rejoice in the Lord feels a bit like we’re ignoring those we love, and are blind to their suffering. Or maybe we find it hard to worship God because of the state our world; there is adversity and oppression on a huge scale, and so perhaps we’re a little bit angry at God, or at the very least confused by what he’s doing, so it doesn’t feel easy to worship God.And even though COVID-19 restrictions are…

In God We Trust – A Prayer from Psalm 16


In God We Trust – A Prayer from Psalm 16 Using Psalm 16 as a prayer to deepen our trust in God.His promises are true, and they work!In previous generations if you said to a friend, “This is what I believe,” they’d likely respond, “Is it true? Where’s the evidence?”There’s been shift though, in western societies which means that the question, “Is it true?” has largely been replaced by another question; “Does it work?”  There seems to be much less interest in truthfulness, in the empirical facts concerning something – look at the persistent spread of false information about Coronavirus and 5G mobile technology. Today people seem to be more interested in whether a particular approach to life works. Whether or not someone will adopt a particular belief or approach to life is determined less by the truthfulness of that approach, but on “does it work?” and particularly on the…