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Colossians - Lord of Creation

“Lord of Creation” – 3 Studies in Colossians

Sample Questions:

Study 1   Colossians 1:1 – 14

1.   If you asked people you know to describe a Christian filled with “spiritual wisdom” (v 9) what would their description include?

2.  If you were to define the same spiritually wise Christian based on Colossians 1:1 – 14, how might the picture differ?

3.  Based on this section, what do you think living a life “worthy of the Lord” (v 10) looks like today?

4.  Reflect on some of your prayers for other Christians.  How do they compare to Paul’s prayers as described in verses 9 – 14?

5.  How do you account for whatever differences you identify?

6.  We know from Colossians 4:16 that this letter was intended to be an encouragement and exhortation for other Christians besides those in Colossae. What aspects of this opening section of chapter 1 do you find most encouraging to your Christian walk?


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