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Galatians - Free at Last

“Free at Last” – 6 Studies in Galatians

Sample from this study guide:

Faith or Law   Galatians 3:2 – 29

1. What “rules,” spoken or otherwise, do you see in place in your home, workplace or social circles? How about in churches?

2. Think about people you know who aren’t Christians. How do they think they can get (or have got!) into a right relationship with God?

3. Do you ever deliberately remind yourself of things you have experienced personally in order to keep believing that something is true?

Read Galatians 3:1 – 21

4. How does Paul describe the relationship between the gospel message, Christian faith and the Holy Spirit?

5. What are the Galatian Christians adding to the message of Jesus that they first heard?

6. What is Paul hoping the Galatians will realise in verses 1 – 5?

7. In what situations, or regarding what issues, do Christians today need a similar reminder? 

8. How was God’s promise to Abraham “the gospel in advance” (v 8)?


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