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Genesis 1 - 11 - Beginnings

“Beginnings” – 7 Studies in Genesis 1 – 11

This is where the story of the Bible begins! In the opening chapters of Genesis we glimpse God’s intention for humanity, relationships, marriage, work, and much much more! And we learn of the devastating consequences of sin.
This study guide includes 7 studies from Genesis 1 – 11.

Sample questions from this study guide:

Study 7.   Genesis 11:1 – 9

1.   Are you the sort of person who always finishes every project that you start, or do you tend to leave things half-finished?

2.  What do you think this tendency says about you and your personality?!

3.  Winston Churchill’s reflections on “the gift of a common tongue” at Harvard University in 1943, “If we are together nothing is impossible…” are applied to any and every human endeavour.  Do you think there is any truth to that statement?

Read Genesis 11:1 – 9

4.  What is the behaviour or attitude that God judges in this episode?

5.  What have we seen already in Genesis that shows the error in the people’s thoughts and actions?

6.  How do God’s actions at Babel show that he is still committed to his original mandate to humanity in Genesis 1?

7.  What in the people’s behaviour at Babel is typical of the sin we’ve seen in Genesis so far?

8.  What in the people’s behaviour at Babel is typical of all sin?

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