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Genesis 12 - 17 - Beginnings

“Beginnings” – 5 Studies in Genesis 12 – 17

This second part of the “Beginnings” study guide picks up the events that drive the rest of the story of the Bible; God’s promises to Abram and his working towards their fulfillment.

Sample questions from this study guide:

Genesis 12: 1 – 20  Promises, Promises

1.   How did you feel when you moved out of home for the first time?

2.  Have you ever had a phone call from someone who didn’t identify themselves, but expected you to know who they were?  How did you work out who was calling?

3.  When you hear people use the word “blessing” what do you understand them to mean?

Read Genesis 12:1 – 20

4.  Summarise the four promises that God makes to Abram.





5.  How do the promises made to Abram picture a return to the good world of Genesis 1 – 3?

6.  How does chapter 12 contrast with the story of the Tower of Babel in 11:1 – 9?

7.  Although Abram heard God’s promises and obeyed his commands, in what ways does his conduct in Egypt show a lack of faith in the promises God had made?

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