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Genesis 23 - 32 - Beginnings

“Beginnings” – 8 Studies in Genesis 23 – 32

This study guide also contains brief leaders’ notes for each study.

Sample Questions:

Genesis 25.  Study 2, A Tale of Nations

1. Have you ever received an inheritance?
How did you feel when you received it??

2. What food would you give almost anything to eat?

3. If you have siblings, how would they describe you?

Read Genesis 25:1 – 18

4. Where do God’s promises stand at the time of Abraham’s death?

5. What do we see about Israel’s relationship to the other nations of the ancient Near East?

Read Genesis 25:19 – 34

6. Are you aware of any other women in the Bible who are described as unable to have children? 
Does their experience create any expectations for you as you read of Rebekah’s children?

7.  How is God’s word to Rebekah in verse 23 fulfilled in the incident that follows?

8.  Which of the two brothers do you tend to have a great affinity and sympathy for?

Read Romans 9:10 – 16

9.  What does the Apostle Paul add to our understanding of this incident?

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