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Hebrews 1 - 6 "Through His Son" - Bible Study Guide

“Through His Son” 6 Studies in Hebrews 1 – 6

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Sample Questions from Study 1:

The Last Word.  Hebrews 1

1.    Do you learn best by listening, watching, or doing?

2.     Where do you think people tend to put their trust when life gets difficult or the future uncertain?

3.     What are some of the ways that people say God speaks today?

Read Hebrews 1

4.     From what you read in chapter 1, what issues in the church does the writer of the letter to the Hebrews seem to be addressing?

5.     The author employs a number of quotations from the Old Testament to speak about Jesus.  Why do you think he does this?

6.     What does the author say about how God has spoken to his people in the past?

7.     How is God’s way of speaking in Christ now different?

8.     In what ways do verses 1 – 4 suggest that a new and final era of salvation history has dawned with God’s new way of speaking?

9.     From this passage, what would you say Jesus has done in the past?
What does Jesus continue to do now?

10.   Hebrews 1:5 includes a quotation from Psalm 2:7 and 2 Samuel 7:14. What do these passages teach us about who Jesus is and his place in salvation history?

11.    What is being taught about Jesus in verses 7 – 14?

12.   How does the rest of the chapter (5 – 14) expand upon and explain the opening verses (1 – 4)?

13.   Summarise the contrasts between Jesus and other things that the author makes in this chapter.

14.   What do we learn here of God’s plans and purposes for his creation?

15.   Where are we tempted to turn for new messages from God today?

16.   How does Hebrews 1 help us guard against the desire for “new” and “fresh” messages from God today?

17.   What situations or hardships make it most difficult to persevere in the Christian faith?

18.   How does the author make the case for persevering with Jesus even if life as a follower of Jesus is difficult?

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