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How to Pray for Friends - "5 Friends 5 Ways" Prayer Postcards

When it comes to praying for our friends who don’t know Jesus, most of us could do with some help!
And when it comes to starting a new church or raising the evangelistic temperature of an established church, anything we can do to help us pray regularly and consistently for our lost friends and family is probably worth a try!

This example might give you some ideas as to how to create a postcard to help your church family pray for those in their life who don’t know Jesus. It’s nothing more than a reminder and a prompt, to encourage us to pray for 5 friends, colleagues, or family. There’s space to write the names of 5 people, and 5 suggestions of how to pray for them. You can copy ideas from here, or edit the card in Adobe Photoshop to make it your own. A link to the font used is included in the .ZIP file.

People can keep their postcard in their Bible to remind them to pray, and then they can pray with their Bible Study Group, at church prayer gatherings, with family, and on their own.

Click or tap on the images below to enlarge them. Download the editable files by clicking the purple button.