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John 9 - 12 - Encountering the Word

“Encountering the Word”  7 Studies in John 9 – 12

You can view the PDF of these 7 Bible studies below, or see sample text from one stufy at the bottom of the page.

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Sample questions from this study guide:

John 12:37 – 50
Belief and Unbelief

  1. Can you recall a time when you were swayed by the opinion of the majority against your better judgment?
    What was the outcome?
  2. In many countries it’s illegal for Christians to gather publicly. Do you think believers there should meet in public and face the consequences, or keep their faith private?

Read John 12:37 – 50

  1. Knowing John’s purpose in recording the signs that Jesus performed (see John 20:30 – 31) what is John saying about the people he describes in verse 37?
  2. Why is “the arm of the Lord” coupled with the message from God in the quotation from Isaiah 53?
    In Isaiah you’ll find “the LORD” indicating God’s personal name.
  3. How do the two quotes from Isaiah shed light on Jesus’ ministry so far in John’s gospel?
  4. How would you respond to one of these Jewish religious leaders who might say “Isaiah proves that it’s God’s fault I didn’t believe in Jesus”?
  5. How can John, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, say that Isaiah “saw Jesus’ glory” (v 41)?
  6. How does John’s statement about Isaiah seeing Jesus’ glory shape our understanding of Old Testament prophecy more broadly?
  7. How is it that Jesus can say that to believe in him is to believe in the Father, “who sent me” (v 44)?
  8. What have you learned about God the Father through hearing Jesus’ words in John’s gospel?
  9. If you heard someone making the claims that Jesus makes in verses 44 – 46, what would you think?
  10. What kind of evidence would it take for you to believe the sorts of claims Jesus makes here?
  11. How has John been assembling this evidence throughout his gospel account?
  12. In what ways does the love of praise from other people hinder us from receiving the praise of God?
  13. And what does the praise of God sound like, anyway?!
  14. When people we know steadfastly refuse to believe in Jesus, what encouragement is there in this passage for us?
  15. How does John 12 spur us on in our evangelistic efforts?

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