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Neighbourhood Exegesis

Updated 2021

Is your church planting team or church leadership team ready for a field trip?
How well do you understand the people in your local area, how they live, what they long for, and what they think is important?
Here’s your chance to find out!

Of course, every church and church plant ministers in a different context;
Different people.
Different needs.
A complex inter-relating of demographics, culture, geography, and history.

This worksheet, developed originally from a concept in the book “God Next Door” by Simon Carey Holt (Acorn Press, Brunswick East, 2007), can help you understand the neighbourhood of your church, and therefore the people you’re seeking to reach with the good news of Jesus.

To get the most out of this worksheet, send leaders from your church, or members of your church planting team, out to complete the exercise on their own or in small groups.¬† ¬†Then compare notes, and build a picture of those who live in the neighbourhood you’re seeking to love and reach.