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Tag: Suffering

Habakkuk – Living by Faith in Difficult Times

Habakkuk Study Guide

Habakkuk – Living by Faith in Difficult Times – Bible Study Guide Download PDF “Living by Faith in Difficult Times” – 3 StudiesHow do we continue to trust in God when life is hard, and we see evil all around us, even while we try and do what we know is right?  God’s prophet Habakkuk wrestled with many of the same questions we do today as he waited and looked forward to the salvation God had promised.Sample questions from Study 1.Download the study on the left.1.      What sort of situation makes you want to cry out, “That’s not fair!”?2.     If you were God, where in your local community or the world would you intervene to stop violence and injustice right now?3.     What events have you witnessed or experienced that have caused you, however briefly, to wonder how God can possibly be in control?Read through the book of Habakkuk4.     What seems…