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The Extravagant Promises of God

4 Studies in 4 Great Promises

Sample Questions:

Study 3.  In All Things God Works for Good.
Romans 8:18 – 30

1. Can you recall a time when someone made a promise to you but then didn’t keep it?
How did you feel?

2.  What kind of goals have you set for yourself in your life? 
Do you achieve the goals you set yourself?

Read Romans 8:18 – 30

 3.  What images or descriptions are used to picture sufferings and hardships in this section?

4.  How much of Paul’s picture of the “groaning” of creation do you feel or know from your own experience?

5.  Make a list of all the privileges and blessings for God’s people mentioned in this section?  

6.  What is “the glory that will be revealed in us” (v 18)?

7.   Paul speaks repeatedly of “hope” in verses 24 – 25. How is hope a characteristic of the Christian life?

8. What does it mean to be “called” by God (v 28)?

9.  Based on the preceding and following verses, what is the “good” (v 28) that God is working towards?

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