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Evangelism in Church Gatherings

Evangelism in Church Gatherings

Evangelism in Church Gatherings Download PDF Where does evangelism fit in our “regular” Sunday services?Should we try to share the gospel in church?What are the opportunities to do it?Here are some thoughts, especially for those thinking about shaping Sunday (or other day!) services in church plants.If in our churches ‘evangelistic’ meetings, and ‘evangelistic’ sermons, are thought of as special occasions, different from the ordinary run of things, it is a damning indictment of our normal Sunday services … that would simply prove that we have failed to understand what our regular Sunday services are for.Jim Packer, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, p 55What should we expect of our church gathering?Christians have different Ideas about what the church gathering is.Church is the gathering of ChristiansPlaces like Ephesians chapters 1 and 3 tell us that the new relationship of Jews and Gentiles gathered spiritually around Christ is represented and worked out,…

“5 Friends 5 Ways” Prayer Postcards

5 Friends 5 Ways prayer postcard

How to Pray for Friends – “5 Friends 5 Ways” Prayer Postcards Download Photoshop Files (ZIP) When it comes to praying for our friends who don’t know Jesus, most of us could do with some help!And when it comes to starting a new church or raising the evangelistic temperature of an established church, anything we can do to help us pray regularly and consistently for our lost friends and family is probably worth a try!This example might give you some ideas as to how to create a postcard to help your church family pray for those in their life who don’t know Jesus. It’s nothing more than a reminder and a prompt, to encourage us to pray for 5 friends, colleagues, or family. There’s space to write the names of 5 people, and 5 suggestions of how to pray for them. You can copy ideas from here, or edit the…

Why? Accessible reading for those investigating the Christian faith

5 Why booklets

Why? Finding answers to 5 of life’s big questions “Why?”A series of 5 booklets for sharing with those interested in finding out more about the Christian faith.The very best way for people to find out about Jesus and Christianity is by reading the Bible, either 1:1 or on their own. Sometimes though, friends and family are not quite ready to read the Bible, especially if they’re not yet sure they can trust it.  The 5 “Why?” booklets are designed as an introduction to Jesus and Christianity, and as an easy, accessible read for those who are perhaps a bit daunted at the idea of starting with the Bible.The 5 chapters are available as individual PDF downloads:Why Jesus?     Why did Jesus die?   Why believe in the resurrection?   Why trust the Bible?    Why have faith?